I found my backpack that I used in 2nd grade

and I’m definitely using it again!

Cliff Jumping 

Has officially been crossed off my Bucket List :)

Beaaaacccccccchhhhhh! :)

I’ve been pretty obsessed with coconuts this summer, especially coconutH20!!

I’ve been pretty obsessed with coconuts this summer, especially coconutH20!!

Crazy Love

So I’ve been reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It’s a good book so far, I really like it. Sometimes I really overlook how much love God has for me, and for all of us. He loves and cares about us so much, I can’t even write about it because I will never comprehend His love for me. Its out of this world. Indescribable. No words can explain. And often times I forget about this love. Of course I know He loves me but I kind of oversee this crazy love He has for us!

I guess I can go into minor detail about some stuff that was bothering me before and into the beginning of this summer. I don’t usually go all out and tell people about deeper things like this but this is the reason I started my tumblr again because I just like to write it all out. No one may even read this so this is like me writing in my personal journal okay anyyywwaaaayyyzzzzz. My dad has been dating this girl, she’s a lot younger than he is. It really bothered me because she was so young and I would always get really angry about the whole situation. I am not one to just let my feelings out so sometimes I hold a lot of them in. When it was anger, it would be really bad because I would bottle it in for so long and then explode on the person. (I’ve been really working on this!) So I would have little talks with my dad telling him that I didn’t like the situation at all and other times I wouldn’t even say anything to him because I would be so mad about it. I’ve wasted a lot of days not talking to him which I wish I didn’t, but now I know a lot better. My dad told me that he would never let a girl get in between our relationship so he told me he would break it off with her. After having this conversation once, I felt relieved because I was happy he wouldn’t be with her anymore. Weeks had passed and he would randomly ask if I still felt the same way, ” Of course I do!” I would reply and be pretty rude about it. The other day he asked me again and I kind of blew up on him again, but this time he was telling me how hard it would be for him to leave her because he was really happy. Now… I’ve seen my dad in other relationships and some women have been CRAZY OUT OF THEIR MINDS! Like the worst relationships ever, which I am very very happy he has gotten out of! But back to what I was saying, I was angry and just stopped talking to him again. That night I was really thinking about what he said and how I had been acting. I was being SO selfish and not caring about my dad at all! He was telling me that he really liked this girl and didn’t want to leave her but if I wanted him to, he would have. He would not want anything to break our father-daughter relationship. While sitting there I really looked back and saw how I had been acting. Completely selfish and not thinking about my dad at all. Who was I? Why was I being so rude? My parents (especially my dad) definitely did not raise me to be a selfish little brat! I’ve prayed about this situation before but as you can see, I really didn’t fully surrender it to God. I tried fixing it my own way and being mean about it. That night I prayed and really, seriously, surrendered this whole situation to God, all my anger and everything. I didn’t want to deal with it anymore and I definitely didn’t want to waste any more days being filled with anger and having ignored conversations with my dad. I prayed that God would just take that burden and free me from it. The next morning my dad was waking me up for breakfast. At first I was talking to him half awake and then when I finally woke up, I forgot I was supposed to be “mad” at him… but I didn’t feel all the anger anymore. I knew I didn’t have to be angry at him because I let all that anger go. So I continued my morning just forgetting about it and being normal! Even though I saw them together that day, I didn’t even think anything of it. I actually started looking for the positive things in their relationship and how happy my dad really was. I couldn’t even think about being mad anymore. I just felt so much lighter, like I didn’t have to walk around weighed down by all this anger I didn’t need to have. And now even as I type this, I’m so happy! Like I don’t feel one ounce of my blood boiling at the situation at all as I used to! I learned so much from this whole situation. I just had to Let Go of this ton of anger and Let God take care of it.Just give it all to Him and not worry about it. 

It amazes me to see how different my attitude already is( Thank God, seriously) I wrote a letter to my dad that I will give him on Father’s day telling him how sorry I was for being selfish and all of that. I want my dad to be happy and I want what is best for him and I am so glad I get the opportunity to say sorry and let go of any pride I had for being selfish! 

As I look back and see how my dad was going to sacrifice his happiness for our relationship, it’s crazy! He would do all that for me? But then I think of this Crazy Love  my Heavenly Father has for me! It’s CRAZIER than my dad’s love for me!! Words can’t even explain! My dad’s love and desire for me is so strong but is only a faint echo of how much God loves me!! Matthew 7:11 ” If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!”

It’s just crazy love and I am S0 overwhelmingly thankful for it.

I wanna go cliff diving!!! :D


I’ve been to the beach quite a few times this summer without getting into the water. Today I went in and it felt amazing. I forgot how fun it was to swim through the waves.